Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dragoons and Steel Beasts

Char B1 bis and Hotchkiss tanks lined up, presumably waiting for the accompanying infantry support. The Dragoons seem to be inactive, it's only a matter of time when they continue probing my positions on the south banks of the Meuse.

Who is going to stop them?

Estimates of the Battalion's Ic for the south - At least one Cavalry Squadron, 47mm Guns mounted on trucks (a section perhaps?), medium/heavy tank company. Who's going to stop them?

Advance repelled in the North

Combined Flak, sMG and Panzer elements repulsed the cavalry forces in the north. During the artillery bombardment a whole 47mm AT battery was destroyed. Reconnaissance in the south indicate a heavy tank support elements present. Enemy is probing and advancing. Contact to be imminent. 


The leading Sdkfz-222 was destroyed by the vanguard of the French forces south of the river Meuse. The Kradschützen detected an advancing element of the tank force on the primary road. No contact in the north though. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nach Paris! PBEM Germany vs. France 5/40

Already signs of trouble near Sedan. Advance Reece elements of Fw Rittenhaus detected what seems to be just the vanguard of a French tank company south-west of the river Meuse near Sedan.

Cease fire declared in the struggle around Ostrov

Ostrov is in the hands of the Soviets, but a cease fire has been declared in order to care for the wounded on both sides. The commander of the Slovak Motor Division would like to thank the dashing Reece patrol (3 men left!) to cause confusion and to reconnoitre the eastern parts around town. Withdrawal of the troops will be conducted by the Transport Corps of the Division. Cover will be provided by a Marder and sMG section (SW), the AA battery (NW)  and the Pak section (NNW) of Ostrov.

The last Urrah?

Charging Elite Cossacks of Ernie's forces repelled... for the time being. The Pak detachment used most of it's HE shells in order to repel the stubborn and brave Don Cossacks.

It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it (Robert E. Lee)

Panzer vernichtet!

This time it was a lonely Bolshevik T-34 who thought the remnants of a regular infantry platoon might not pose any danger. Only too late the crew realised they were wrong. A Panzermine 3 killed the steel beast of Markus' advancing Reds.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Nasty stuff

Ernie's heavy armoured flame spitting KV-8 tanks arrived, killing another Marder and poised to smoke out my ad-hoc assault group in the woods to the east.

A rain of deadly steel...

is about to fall down on the advancing elements of Guards in western Ostrov. The remnants of my troops had to relocate and leave the town to the Soviets. Requests for reserves have been denied so far.

A walk through the woods

Marder Jagdpanzer and an ad-hoc reaction infantry assault platoon awaiting the advancing Guards north-west of the town centre of Ostrov.

PBEM Germany vs. USSR 5/42

Oberleutnant Langer's Infantry Platoon prepares for Close Combat against a T-34 Platoon that was successful in annihilating the majority of my armoured reaction force south-west of the river on top of a plateau. 

Marder scored another hit

The Marder Detachment received fire from the woods and thanks to the quick reaction of its crew were able to knock out the perpetrator. The motorcycle Reece element reposts no resistance in the eastern parts of Ostrov.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Call in the artillery

Ostrov has to be left to the Soviets... but not without a welcoming barrage of 76mm Howitzers, if the communication line from the FO to the battery hasn't be severed. More encouraging news developing on the southern bank of the river, as been reported by my Reece Detachment.

Encouraging news north-west of Ostrov

For a change some encouraging news from the Jagdpanzer Detachment. The Marder knocked out two Bolshevik tanks in the north western parts of Ostrov. We'll see how they can caution the advancing Soviets in progress.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Assembling the remnants

Battered but not beaten - Remnants of the southern assault company, supported with a battery of AT guns prepares for the push along the axis of the secondary road to the outskirts of Ostrov.

The end of the northern relieve group

No chance against the determined Guards T-34 tanks they had. Two crews were able to boot out, and trying to flee towards the cover of the nearby woods. Will they make it? One only can hope so...

From south of the river

Desatnik Hulab and his recruits where able to immobilize a dreaded T-34 of the Guards; now he desperately needs the support of the remaining Infantry Platoon - quickly!

Northern sector

The situation in the north is a bit iffy. Initially my mounted Assault Engineers achieved surprise and seized the objectives without meeting any resistance... until Ernie's Cossacks in turn mauled my dismounted troops and dispersed them!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

PBEM Slovakia vs. USSR 3/43

My Slovak Troops encounter Guards Infantry of my opponent.The town of Ostrov, Ukraine is heavily contested. It's my 2nd PBEM versus Ernest. I am hoping to make use of some surprises I still have in store, though the lack of cohesion of my poor Slovaks gives me some concern.