Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hermano contra hermano...

The screenshot for the latest battle I am waging against 'The old warhorse', Ernie himself again, has to wait... I screwed it up. We're basically pitting brother vs brother against each other at the Spanish town of Teruel. The year, 1936 and one of the most tragic inter-war events takes place at the Iberian peninsula. There are no fancy steel beasts, but bayonet, grenades and the first petrol bombs against WW1 tankettes of various countries.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stalemate near Sedan

After 25 turns the result, in a nutshell, is - stalemate. Both sides were pushed to their limits, casualties are exceptionally high because of the stubbornness of the fighting and the outstanding gusto the German and French troops endured all the hardships. Chapeau Ernie! Our next battle will transfer us to the battlefields of Normandy, August 1944.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fw Barnstorf and his crew

were able to neutralize yet another French tank in the south. Let's hope he and his men will make it through the bitter fighting on the southern banks of the river Meuse.

A matter of iron will...

might not be sufficient to stop the French here. However, they are more cautious advancing, knowing that the 47mm Pak crews did their best in the best to knock out some steel beasts. In the north the same picture, alas both forces lack of the cohesion to continue any promising attack.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The big push

Both sides assemble all available reserves to force a decision on the southern parts of the battlefield. SS-Grenadiers are facing a mixed force of engineers and cavalry, plus the remnants of the French tank force.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

For a change...

there are some French tanks burning! The ad-hoc JPz-I detachment made it from the area of 'Butcher's Nest' in the north to the south bank of the Meuse to help stemming the tide of the armoured juggernaut!


Rather than following Frederick the Great's maxim to use the majority of forces to pierce through the weakest enemy position... I am matched in the north by the task to overcome two tanks and a SP ATG. Needless to say the units to do the job are not at my disposal. In the south the enemy is also trying to lure me...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Duel of the titans

Panzer IVa fighting it out with the French tanks across the river. Situation in the north will soon allow tactical advance with combined forces.

Last stand of Olt. Herschberger

Oberleutnant Herschberger, alone, the rest of is Pak crew killed or wounded is holding out in the woods facing the brunt of the enemy's crescendo of light and medium HE shells from the tanks south of the river.

Heavy fighting at 'Butcher's Neck' in the north

The fighting in the north intensified at what my Waffen-SS Grenadiers already christened 'Butcher's Neck'. Another tank, a Somua S35 was knocked out by a SP 37mm Flak. The Dragoons still refuse to give ground though.

Heavy fighting in the south

The advanced elements of the enemy have been slowed down. However, there were some casualties on my side as well. The fight has been vicious and half of the platoon ordered with the delaying action has been knocked out and is on it's way to withdraw to a second line of defence.