Sunday, 30 December 2018

VR Designs DC:Community Project updated to v0.93

A screenshot of a typical map for VR Designs Decisive Campaign Series
Get yourself the latest update of VR Designs DC:Community Project. Here are the changes & improvements - "Added Scale Mode 2.5 km / hex to the VR Basic Library (more air range, lower stack limit, less lethality, slower entrench) and the option to make rounds increase with Hours instead of Days. Masterfile now has Artillery defined as movement type for Guns. It has been set to the same values as the previous Foot movement type of the Guns. This thus changes nothing, but allows the scenario designer to overrule the movement cost of Guns using the Custom Move Cost Tables of the VR Basic Library. People statistic of the Commanders is shown in the Simple Editor now (remember that proper scenario design means the same people for all commanders in one officer library)."

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